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Game description: Your objective is to hit your opponent with the ball. Your player will follow the motion of your mouse. To pick up a ball, move your player’s hand over the ball. To throw the ball, left click and hold on your play, release when the power meter located abo
Game title: Dodge Ball
Game size: 168 KB
Game category: Sport
Game hits: 42808 clicks
Screen resolution: 550 x 330 pixels

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Fishwater Challenger
You are in a canoe, sliding down a river full of fishes, but also of logs and rocks. Your objective is to collect as many fishes as possible within a delay of 30 seconds. To catch a fish, you shall go over it with your canoe. To drive the canoe, use the l
Crazy Ball
This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet.
Hairball Bowling
Ten-Pin Bowling is a sport with a simple aim—knock down as many targets as possible by rolling a ball down a wooden pathway. The game is made more difficult by gutters which run along either side of this pathway (called the "lane"). If a ball fa
In this skateboarding game, you have 200 seconds to find out the 4 wheels of the orange skate. And to earn money, you must make a lot of figures! The orders are as follows: Move: arrow keys. Bore: N. Hand Seedling: M. Jump: spacebar. Figure in the air: sp