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Game description: Inspired of the principle of the mahjong, this play is nevertheless simpler. You will have during 5 levels to eliminate all the elements from the plate by constituting pairs. The way between 2 identical elements must consist of 3 lines maximum (as indicat
Game title: 3 Lines
Game size: 45 KB
Game category: Puzzle
Game hits: 90424 clicks
Screen resolution: 750 x 480 pixels

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Panic Pipes
Ends of pipes arise in front of you. A green and a red dissociate screen, because they are respectively the starting and arrival pipes of the course. Therefore, you will have included/understood it, it is necessary to click on the blue boxes so that the e
This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet.
More Beer
The goal of the play is to connect the beer barrels to the counter with pipes of various forms so that the customers can drink all their cash. With each time that you succeed, the barrel empties then the piping which carried out to it is destroyed as of i
Ball Puzzle
This is an amazing puzzle game. Your goal is to move the red dot into the green box. To do this, you need to use correctly the obstacles and the bricks, the difficulty will increase level by level.