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Game description: Explores and discovers all the secrets of this sensational graphical adventure, created by Warner Bros, the game Steppenwolf, X-creatures project is split in 24 episodes, you need to unlock each mystery, overcome obstacles, decide the fate of the hero in
Game title: Steppenwolf 6
Game size: 1606 KB
Game category: Adventure
Game hits: 55425 clicks
Screen resolution: 600 x 400 pixels

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Qaz's Quest
What was that? Another thunderstorm? It sounded a bit awkward, though. Maybe I should check it out… So begin the Qaz’s quest, control Qaz’s movement with the arrow keys, press Spacebar the examine items and do actions, press Shift key to show or to hide y
D-fence 2
When earth’s natural resources run out, mankind stands divided in its struggle for the last reserves. What has always been unimaginable became reality. No one knows who fired first or why. With enough power to sustain human life foot many decades. Earth w
Mr Snoozleberg 5
Since the last 3 episodes, Mr Snoozleberg did not wake up! And he is further walking around... This time, you have to help him finding a safe route through out a snow-covered village. For this purpose, you shall use the interactive items by cliking on the
Cobblebot Caper
This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet.